Hottest selling product in South Korea - Innovative Skin Care Device, Cellreturn LED Mask

Recently, the “Home Beauty” without spending much time and caring at home is becoming a new trend and many “At Home” beauty appliances are attracting people.

Among the beauty appliances launched recently, the Cellreturn’s 4th generation LED Mask “Cellreturn Platinum” is getting a lot of attention.

The Cellreturn LED Mask which is officially launched today, had a launching show last 24th of June.  It was very successful and became a hot issue by getting a lot of pre orders.

Cellreturn introduced LED Analyzing equipment in this industry for the first time. By using the equipment, Cellreturn is analyzing the effectiveness of LED Wavelength, module package, 3 dimensional oriented angle, product material transparency and ETC.

Cellreturn’s LED wavelength is developed by their own R&D. By outputting the most effective wavelength to skin, it improves skin care effect and use the modular manufacturing patented technology to reduce the reflection of skin and increase skin quality.

By constantly investing on R&D, Cellreturn is getting attention by introducing “Cellreturn Platinum” which uses the most advanced technology in this industry.

Especially for Cellreturn, the number of LED which is the key of LED mask is 1026. And for modern generation, Cellreturn is also providing mobile application to enable the smart care.

Also, the new function called “Fast Mode” is added. It enables much faster focused care and it is the only LED mask which can change the design by changing the open and closed cover of the mask.

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