Product Questions

Can you tell me the effectiveness and the functions of Near-infrared ray?

The principle of the Cellreturn mask is that it solves the fundamental problem by penetrating deep into the skin, giving light energy to the cells, and helping to bring back healthy skin to normal cells where aging begins. If you continue to use it, it will work.

**Near-infrared rays are 12 times more penetrating than far-infrared rays, which activate the main cells in the deep skin dermis. Depending on the skin regeneration cycle, regeneration and improvement can be achieved.

** It is convenient to use it at home without going to the dermatologist or the care center, and instead of expensive cosmetics, you can manage your skin while using your own cosmetics. Also, with three wavelengths, the whole family can select and manage wavelengths that fit their skin. Because the product is semi-permanent, it can be used for a long time without worrying about maintenance costs. you need to use it steadily for a long time rather than for a short period of time.

**Near-infrared rays have been used by NASA over 40 years of research and verified the effects of skin improvement, and since the light used for astronaut treatment is so great. No side effects cases can be found, they are applied as home beauty devices.

It is convenient to use it at home without going to the dermatoligist or th care center and instead of expensive cosmetics, you can manage your skim while using your own cosmetics. Also with three wavelengths, the whole family can select and manage wavelengths that fit their skin. because the product is semi-permanent. it can be used for a long time without worrying about maintenance costs. because the product is semi-permanent.

Can you tell me the differences with other products?

Because there are many LED mask products that are released now, many people ask about differences and others. The Cellreturn mask has an overwhelming number of LEDs in the current market and it has the technical ability to power on-off/waveform conversion for each skin type using the only wireless touch.

As shown above, the amount of LEDs is overwhelming. Imagine putting 10 LEDs on your face. You can't even look at your face, right? The cellreturn Led mask is irradiated from the forehead to the neck. The principle of the LED mask is that the more frequently you use it, the more effective it will be. In order to do that, it needs to be easy to use. So, Cellreturn Mask has increased convenience by wireless, charging with a cell phone charger, one-touch, and automatic 20 minutes operation. In terms of effectiveness and convenience, the Cellreturn Mask is the best of LED masks.

How to clean it and is it waterproof?

This product cannot be waterproof. Do not wipe it with water. Wipe it with a skin/ toner cotton cloth or wipe it with a wet tissue.

What is the principle of the product?

It's the principle of recovering aging and damaged cells and returning them to health. When the Skin's near-infrared rays are penetrated, it is said to be effective in preventing adult diseases such as aging, metabolic promotion, and chronic fatigue by expanding capillaries to activate blood circulation and cell tissue. The Cellreturn mask uses the above principle to promote cell activity, and it improves. The led mask is a device that promotes skin health. It promotes the health of worn skin while helping overall skin improvement. In that aspect, we do anticipate that continued product use will be beneficial to the skin.

How is the battery capacity?

Battery capacity: litium ion 200mAh, weight: 520g.
The mask rated output is DC 5V 2A, and the battery meter is 2000mAh 3.7V. Unit of airplane is WH_7.4Wh / Use power 2.5 to 3w Capacity: 2000mAh power consumption: 2.5 to 3w (watt) The KC Certification provides information regarding MSDS battery capacity and supporting documents when flying overseas. You can carry it in person(hand-carry), but you can't move it by baggage.

How long should I charge?

It takes about 5 hours to buffer and can be used 5 times in a row after buffering. It is difficult to use it at the same time as charging. Please remove it from the charger and use it. Since it is a pre-voltage product, it can be used only with an outlet (piggy nose). 110/220/240 Volts You don't have to charge it after a full discharge when using this product. We usually use it one or two times and just plug it in right away. Even if you keep charging, you can safely control it so that it doesn't charge anymore. When charging, touch the touch sensor and it will not turn on. Use the product separately from the charger after fully charging.

How will I know if the device is fully charged?

In both situations, (1) sitting on the cradle and (2) charger directly plugged into the device, RED light turns on while charging, and it will turn BLUE when fully charged.

How to use the mask?

Makeup cleansing → CELLRETURN mask use (For dry environments, use basic skincare products - toner + lotion) → Warm water facial cleansing (For dry skin types, wipe with a cotton pad moistened with toner) → Basic skincare product (Use current skincare products / thorough moisturize)
It is best to select one wavelength that your skin condition wants to improve and use it consistently for 20 minutes a day. If you use it too much, the skin cells can get more tired in the process of exercising. Please adjust the time to the skin condition. If you are very dry or sensitive, we recommend using it for 5 to 10 minutes a day. On average, we recommend using it for 20 minutes a day.

-If you're dry or sensitive, we're giving you five to 10 minutes a day. -If you use it more than your skin condition, the cells get tired of working out. -It is set to 20 minutes per operation. It is recommended to use it for 20 minutes per day.

-If you don't use it often, it's too late to have that effect. -Use it as a habit, preferably every day. -It doesn't matter if you touch the skin. But if you get more than 15cm from the skin, the light survey won't penetrate the skin, so don't just use it like this. It doesn’t matter if you touch the skin. But if you get more than 15cm from the skin, the light survey won’t penetrate the skin, so don’t just use it like this. If you don't use it often, it’s too late too have that effect. It is set to 20 minutes per operation. It is recommended to use it for 20 minutes per day.

What are the differences between the Premium and Platinum Led Masks?

Premium Led Masks have a total of 690 leds, while Platinum LED Masks have 1,026, thus, more therapeutic effects and benefits to your skin. Also, Platinum LED Mask have 9-minute FAST Mode (RED 7 min. + BLUE 1 min. + PINK 1 min.). The three wavelengths switch on in order, when you’re in a hurry for quick and concentrated care.

What are the effects of each wavelength?

Red+Near-infrared : Provides resilience-boosting care, brightening, blemish removal, collagen generation, etc. - Blue : Soothes problematic skin and can be used following skin procedure or plastic surgery. - Pink : Radiates simultaneous Red+Blue wavelength to prevent leaving marks on problematic skin and is safe for use on the skin of children/teens, on which Near-infrared may not be used.

Can I use all three wavelengths?

Benefits are optimized when selecting one kind of wavelength to improve your skin condition followed by continued use. Excessive use may lead to skin fatigue.

How long is the warranty of this product?

There will be a 12-month warranty when you buy this product.

Skin Questions

I've got blemish, what should I do?

Blemish is usually treated with a laser in the dermatologist's procedure. But the roots are deep in the skin's dermis, so it's hard to cure them completely with a laser. Near-infrared rays are the wavelengths of light that can reach the dermis layer of the skin. When light touches the dermis, the skin cells become active, and in the case of guinea blemishes, the skin cells are slowly lifted from the skin You can't use a Cellreturn mask to eliminate blemishes in a short period of time period. However, if you use it consistently, it will become better. You have to take plenty of time to take care of it

I've got sebum after using the mask.

This is a disease that can occur if the pores are clogged. Red wavelengths should have the effect of detoxification and prevent infection. If the rise is severe, calm it down with blue wavelengths, otherwise, focus on red wavelengths. In the case of pores, dermatology requires a long time to perform the procedure, so short-term effects are hard to see with our products, but if you continue to use them for more than six months and a year, they will work.

what should I do if i got the dark spots after using the product?

When using the mask, dark spots may become temporarily darker as the skin revitalizes. However, this is merely a signal that the LED mask is having an effect on your skin. Dark spots will be broken into little patches and faded in places, followed by gradual improvement over time. Red+Near-infrared also has superior brightening benefits. Since the skin becomes
clearer and brighter, blemishes may look more visible. However, continued product use will lead to a brighter skin tone overall. A sufficient amount of time will be required for skin care.

I've got red spots, problematic areas, and redness after using the mask.

Cellreturn LED mask is a beauty device that promotes skin improvement through near-infrared and LED lights. If you use it for an excessive period of time compared to your skin condition, potential problematic skin will begin to appear. This is a temporary reaction and can be comfortably improved upon by shortening the time of use.
Use blue wave-length for five minutes a day, and, for sensitive skin types, using blue wavelength for five minutes every three days is recommended. (Check your skin condition and gradually increase the time of use.) Those using ointment with steroids may have a temporary reaction as the steroids accumulated in the body are released. If you have been diagnosed with a special skin condition, please contact the Cellreturn customer service for detailed assistance.

My skin is itchy/tingling/dry after using the mask.

The skin may feel itchy or tingling when it is dry. These symptoms may occur even more so when the external environment is dry and may also happen when product use occurs over an excessive amount of time. Lightly apply toner and lotion prior to product use, rather than using it on bare skin, and following use, be sure to cleanse the skin with water, or cleanly soothe it with toner and finish with a moisturizing cream.

Can it be used for the people allergic to the Sun?

Sun allergies are caused by ultraviolet rays. cellreturn led mask uses near-infrared that are free of any side effects harmful to the human body, ensuring safe use. It is a beauty device for home use with optional wavelength for customized skin care. Enjoy skin improvement and soothing benefits, as well as increased absorption of
skincare products.

Does it have any negative impact on the eyes?

Cellreturn Led mask lights are harmless to the human body and do not affect your vision. The open-type structure prevents direct contact with the eyes and has been proven safe on the eyes through testing conducted by Korea Testing Laboratory, the safety test certification organization. Completed photobiological safety testing (Completed eye irritation testing)
(2018 / Korea Testing Laboratory / CELLRETURN mask / IEC62471:2006 / There may be temporary or individual differences)
There may be a glare during initial use as the LED lights are close to the eyes. After continued use, users will become accustomed to the lights for comfortable use. Although it does not cause any harm on eyes, if there is any individual discomfort, you may cover the eyes during use. (Please use cotton pads and other similar materials for eye coverage.)

What is the time of use per skin condition?

Cellreturn Led mask is a beauty device that helps skin improvement through near-infrared and Led. Since skin conditions differ per individual, the product is recommended for those with sensitive skin, extremely dry skin, and low skin immunity, or problematic skin. Use is recommended starting from five minutes a day, up to 20 minutes a day, depending upon the skin condition. Customers diagnosed with have a special skin condition should have sufficient consultation with CELLRETURN customer service prior to use.

Can I use it while on an exfoliating routine?

We do not recommend chemical or physical exfoliation with the LED MASK simultaneously but individuals can use it with a time gap of at least 24 hours or 48 hours before or after an exfoliating treatment. Make sure to follow the proper time gap and adjust usage according to skin condition.

After using the LED Platinum Mask, can I use skincare products that contain Vitamin C, Niacinamide, or Retinol?

Skincare products with active ingredients can be used 24 hours ~ 48 hours after using LED Mask. It depends on the individual skin condition.


The product is not operating properly.

Led mask can be charged with the 5-pin cable.
1. Please test whether the product does not operate even after charging more than one hour with the complimentary charger provided when purchasing the led mask.
2. Since the charge may be the source of the problem, please test whether the lamp turns on with another charger using a 5-pin charger compatible with mobile phone or camera selfie stick), rather than using the complimentary charger. If the product fails to function properly after following the steps above, please contact us via customer service, support@cellreturn.com
Approximately five hours is required for charging. Once fully charged, the product can be used up to 5-6 times.

Blue wavelengths are either faintly emitted or not at all.

Blue wave-lengths do appear prior to charge depletion. As a result, wavelengths are not emitted upon touching one more time in the red wavelength during use. Touching once more will make the pink colour appear red as the blue wavelength fails to be emitted. Since the charge is insufficient, rather than a product defect, please be sure to
test the product once more following charge.

The touch sensor is not working.

The part turned on when you connect it to the charger is the touch sensor. Please check that part and press and hold for two seconds with the wide part of the palm of your hand. The touch sensor may not work properly if you tap the mask with the finger, so be sure to cover and press it with the palm of your hand as if handling a child.


What is the small white plastic wrapped inside the plastic bag?

Inside the box, the screw visible externally is covered with a rubber cap. However, the cap may have been detached during shipment. In this case, be sure to use the extra rubber cap provided in the delivered package.

Can I bring it abroad?

Products exceeding 160wh is prohibited for all carry-on and checked luggage. However, the Cellreturn mask is 7.4wh, resulting in no problem to include in carry-on luggage. The product may be brought into most countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA. Note that it may be prohibited from entrance into some countries. Please be sure to ask your airline regarding any regulations for your destination. As a free voltage product, you can use it anywhere in the world when using a converting code while abroad.

Is there any special method of use for skin care salons?

At the salon, you can proceed as follows: Primary cleansing → Secondary deep cleansing → Generous application of skincare product and use of Cellreturn mask → Moisture cream or pack application followed by modelling pack and plaster pack. Cleansing is not necessary as dead skin cells and excess sebum are already removed during the secondary deep cleansing.
The program applying the skincare product and uses the Led mask is available as a premium care package, while using the mask with a generous amount of ampoule and nourishment following the secondary deep cleansing promotes even more satisfactory premium care.

Can I use it with sun screen?

When using the mask, it is advised that any makeup is removed and the mask is used on the bare skin or with only basic skincare products applied for easy removal of impurities. After using the mask, sufficiently moisturize the skin with your current skincare product, and feel free to apply a mask pack as well.

When using the mask, it is advised that any makeup is removed and the mask is used on the bare skin or with only basic skincare products applied for easy removal of impurities. After using the mask, sufficiently moisturize the skin with your current skincare product, and feel free to apply a mask pack as well.

What do I clean the inside of the mask with?

For hygienic maintenance, clean the inside of the mask with a wet towel or a cotton pad moistened with antiseptic for children or with toner following use. The inside of the mask is antibacterial-treated to promote hygienic use.

What is the service life of LEDs?

The built-in LED is available with 50,000 hours of use over the long term. However, since it is a wireless product, the battery built into the forehead area lasts for around five years depending on the environment of use. (When used 20 minutes every day) Please be sure to change the battery about every five years. Battery exchange services are available by contacting the Cellreturn head office.

Are there any side effects?

Our product is a beauty device with no side effect thanks to the heat and stimulation-free design. Due to the differences in individual skin conditions, you can conveniently use the product having controlled the time of use time according to your skin condition. Continued use promotes skin improvement.

Can it be used by children too?

The product is safe for child use. Red+Near-infrared, however, is not suitable for children. When used by children with problematic skin, blue mode and pink mode are recommended.

Can I use it following operation/treatment?

Following plastic surgery (prosthesis insertion), product use is recommended six months after surgery. About six months of time is required for the skin to fully stabilize following plastic surgery. Following skin procedures, the product may be used on the same day. You can soothe skin texture with the blue wavelength for 2-4 weeks starting from the day of procedure, and once the skin is soothed, you can promote regeneration with the Red+Near-infrared.

Can people with hypothyroidism use the LED MASK/ NECKLE RAY?

In cases such as hypothyroidism in individuals who are experiencing hormonal changes, we strongly recommend consulting with your physician prior to using any intensive beauty products such as Cellreturn.

Can pregnant women and lactating moms use any of the CELLRETURN devices?

We do not recommend pregnant and lactating women to use the product due to unpredictable hormonal changes.

What is the difference of LED therapy from radio-frequency or laser treatment to skin?

The LED device has a photobiomodulation mechanism that activates cells in the skin by not generating heat, irradiating tissues without pain, or irritating the tissues when irradiating light with low level light therapy. On the other hand, laser procedures generate heat according to energy, and it comes with the risk of coagulation, cuts, or vaporization of tissues so it needs medical professional attention in terms of safety. If the laser has a wavelength and output similar to that of LED, photobiomodulation is possible, but more attention is required than LED because the straightness of light does not disappear. High frequency is a procedure that increases skin elasticity with heat due to electromagnetic energy without the concept of wavelength, but most high frequency devices are not used quietly and require labor such as massage. In addition, an esthetician’s expertise is required to ensure the individual’s safety from heat.

Is it safe to be used by someone with facial fillers?

Filler is a procedure in which drugs are injected under the dermal layer and between the subcutaneous fat layer. Since the drug is injected after repeatedly piercing the injection needle into the skin, irritation occurs, fillers require some time to settle. If you have skin symptoms such as swelling, pain, or itchy skin at the treatment site, it is recommended to stop using your Cellreturn device until the irritation subsides. Once the irritation is fully alleviated, start the care in a mode that suits your skin. After the procedure, the skin may become dry, so it is important to hydrate and moisturize. It is recommended to use sunscreen before going out and when staying indoors in a room with big windows. Also, be cautious about the weight distribution when wearing the device so that the filler part does not get pressed.