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Even though the facial skin is young and has no wrinkles, if people can see neck wrinkles, the person look older. On the other hand, if the person’s neckline is sleek and has no wrinkles, the person usually look younger than the actual age.


Since long time ago, the neck wrinkles are called human annual zone. Recently, the importance of the neckline is emphasized and a lot of people are starting to care about their neck wrinkles.


The neck wrinkle is called human annual zone because if once it appears, it will not be gone easily. The only treatment to care the neck wrinkle is by receiving the specialized clinic for neck wrinkles. However, Cellreturn’s “Neckle Ray” is launched in the market to take care of the sleek neck line at home.


Cellreturn, famous for  LED mask, was affirmed by the many consumers by introducing “module technology” patent. Cellreturn’s Neckle Ray applied the patented technology and it surrounds 360’ of the whole neck and takes care of it.


Especially, “Neckle Ray” irradiates both infrared and red wavelength to prevent neck wrinkles, and by conducting clinical testing, they found out that thick neck wrinkles (before using the product 193.0 -> after using the product 167.8 -> 25.2 reduced), thin neck wrinkles (before using the product  26.1 -> after using the product 22.1 -> 4 reduced), depth of neck wrinkle (before using the product 97.3 -> after using the product 84.9 -> 12.4 reduced) improved and skin elasticity also improved.


The “Neckle Ray” model Yum Jung Ah got the huge attention since launching the product, the future of Cellreturn’s beauty & health care products are also getting attention of people.


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