CELLRETURN Promotes K-beauty at Asia's Largest Music Festival, "2019 MAMA"

"K-beauty sweeps the continent of Asia in rhythm with K-pop"
- CELLRETURN participated in Asia's biggest music award ceremony, MAMA 2019, as a title sponsor; promoted K-beauty to about 40,000 visitors
- Introduced CELLRETURN products at MAMA's largest booth and provided opportunity for visitors to experience products; and increasing recognition as a global brand
- Strengthened contact with customers from Asia (China and Japan); establishes foundation for expansion into Asian market
SEOUL, South KoreaDec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CELLRETURN (Chairman Kim Il Soo), a global company leading the beauty & health care industry, promoted South Korea's K-beauty in the Asian market by as the title sponsor of Asia's largest music festival "2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)" held on December 4.
CELLRETURN Promotes K-beauty at Asia’s Largest Music Festival, "2019 MAMA"

MAMA, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is the largest music award ceremony in Asia, attracting countless music fans from around the world. This year too, Korea's best musicians such as BTS and TWICE participated in the lineup of the awards ceremony, captivating the largest audience of about 40,000 visitors with great performances and contributing to the create success of the event. It once again became a global cultural exchange venue grabbing the attention of the world through onsite, real-time broadcasts via social media channels such as YouTube and Twitter

CELLRETURN, which participated in the event as MAMA 2019's title sponsor, caught visitors' attention by introducing K-Beauty through K-POP. Many visitors came to visit the CELLRETURN Zone that was the largest booth situated in one corner of the venue. The number of visitors reflected the high interest of the visitors in Korea's newest beauty products and technologies that are leading the beauty trends in Asia.

CELLRETURN introduced Korea's beauty trends at MAMA as a company leading the global beauty & health care industry that presents LED-based at-home care and beauty devices optimized for skincare based on accumulated research, expertise, and technology related to near-infrared and LED light. The company is successfully leading at-home care and beauty trends in Korea with the launch of LED mask products that can be used conveniently, promoting the enjoyment of quality skin care at home that is equivalent to receiving professional care at a dermatologist or aesthetician. Thanks to the great responses from CELLRETURN's customers, the company is demonstrating rapid growth, recording a sales growth of 1700% compared to the previous year (2018).

The LED-based beauty device, "LED Mask" product, that was introduced by CELLRETURN during the music festival contains 1,026 LED bulbs that generate near-infrared light, red wavelengths, and blue wavelengths. As the product can evenly radiate LED lights over the entire face, it provides various skincare effects such as skin soothing, dead skin cell reduction, and skin pore improvement, even after just 20 minutes. When considering the influence of South Korea's K-Beauty which leads the trends of the Asian beauty market, the beauty care trend of using LED masks is expected to spread to countries in Asia, going beyond the borders of Korea.

Representatives of CELLRETURN said, "We are thrilled to have participated in Asia's largest music festival, MAMA, as the title sponsor. We were able to attract the attention of customers from around the world by introducing the newest K-Beauty products and technology to countries in Asia such as Vietnam, China, Japan, and Singapore through K-Pop. We will continue to spread K-Beauty trends to the entire world as we expand contact points with global customers by participating global events such as MAMA in the coming years."

CELLRETURN is a company leading the global beauty & health care industry that presents at-home care devices made with excellent technologies and a great finish based on accumulated research on near-infrared and LED light since its foundation in 2008 under the management philosophy, "We focus on effects only." The company is equipped with a one-stop Korean production infrastructure for the entire processes, from R&D, planning, and production to after service warranty. CELLRETURN is increasing customer reliability with competitive products through strict quality control by prioritizing customer satisfaction. The has a patent on an "LED module that promotes the output of effective wavelengths for the skin," presenting effective skincare products based on unique expertise in the field of LED module, a core technology of LED masks.

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