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This is the Korean Skincare Gadget Everyone Should Have" As seen in VOGUE, Financial Times, Tatler, Country & Townhouse and many more.

Using the safe and effective, patented LED and NASA-derived technology, CELLRETURN brings you the Platinum LED Mask with 1026 LED lights. The CELLRETURN Platinum Mask has 342 Near Infra Red (NIR), 342 Red Wave Length (RWL) and 342 Blue wave Length (BWL) giving you a total of 1026 LED lights, the most powerful and effective skin care device available globally.

The CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask works by inhibiting the action of Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) to decrease inflammation, whilst activating and proliferating fibroblasts to increase collagen synthesis (anti-ageing), cell synthesis, elasticity and hydrates the skin from within as well as being anti-bacterial with its blue LED wavelength (especially against Propionibacterium Acnes found in the oil glands in skin causing acne and breakouts).

10 reasons why CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask is the BEST Globally

  1. It has 1026 LED lights, making the CELLRETURN Platinum Mask a very powerful professional LED mask for your personalised and hygienic home use especially with the pandemic.
  2. It uses Near Infra Red (NIR) technology (used by NASA) to penetrate the skin 12 times deeper than any other mask or LED device in the market.
  3. It has 4 different modes that you can customise to suit your skin’s need.
  4. It works to improve the appearance of acne and skin blemishes.
  5. It works to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  6. It helps to improve the appearance of skin redness.
  7. It works to help minimise the appearance of skin pores.
  8. It works on wrinkle prevention, skin laxity and sagging, giving younger looking skin.
  9. It is wireless, portable and easy to use.
  10. Get 2 devices in 1 as it covers both the face and neck. This can help the appearance of lines and sagging skin around the neck and jaw area.


Special Features

Touch Method
The CELLRETURN LED Mask uses the wireless touch method. The
ON/OFF button is located near the top of the head, and is activated
when touched for about two seconds. The device may not turn on if only
tapped with the fingers or touched briefly.

1st touch > RED Mode (red + near-infrared wavelengths)
2nd > BLUE Mode (blue wavelengths)
3rd > PINK Mode (red + blue wavelengths)
4th > FAST Mode (total 9 min.) [RED Mode (7 min.) ▶ BLUE Mode (1 min.) ▶ PINK Mode (1 min.)]
5th > OFF

*1026 LED
wavelengths 342 near-infrared rays + 342 RED wavelengths +
342 BLUE wavelengths
Flawless care with a total of 1,026 LED wavelengths.

*9-minute fast mode (RED 7 min. + BLUE 1 min. + PINK 1 min.)
The three wavelengths switch on in order when you’re in a
hurry for quick and concentrated care.

*Wireless charging
The wireless charging technology offers convenient care
for comfort of use.

*Dual cover
The cover solves frustration of airflow to allow users to
focus on results.


Red Mode

(RED wavelengths + near-infrared rays)

- Effective in improving skin
transparency, skin density,
hydration, elasticity, and pores
- Near-infrared rays are not visible
to the eyes, but are activated when
Red Mode in switched on

Blue Mode

(BLUE wavelengths)

- Troubled skin
- Skin that has been sensitized
by external irritation or cold wind
* There is no set period for calming
results, and consumers can use the
Blue Mode flexibly according to skin

Pink Mode

(RED wavelengths + BLUE wavelengths)

The Pink Mode switches on both
red and blue wavelengths for
concentrated care.

LED Mask which Exceeds Your Expectations

Faster Effects
9-minutes FAST MODE for faster intensive care

When you don't have enough time for your beauty regime, you can maintain it faster and more focused than ever with our 9 minutes fast mode!

1 session - Red mode (20 mins)
2 session - Blue mode (20 mins)
3 session - Pink mode (20 mins)

4 session - Fast mode
Red mode(7 mins)
Blue mode (1 mins)
Pink mode (1 mins)

Helps with comprehensive skin concerns such as improving elasticity, whitening, removing blemishes, and collagen production.

Prevents skin damage by calming troubled skin

Reduce time to 9 minutes, enabling intensive and fast care