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The mask that filters bacteria in the air, supports your breath with a fan while the LED lights provide skin therapy and sterilization.

Are you all currently facing these situations?

After industrialization, we’ve been threatened by various problems concerning pollution and air quality.

Harmful gases, automobile exhaust, and factories, all pollute the air that we breathe. And now we have to worry about viruses that continue to mutate and evolve, which are terrorizing our world and reshaping how we live our daily lives.

Germs can exacerbate our health since they are everywhere in our lives, especially when we travel by airplanes or trains.

However, what if you want to contribute to solving the pollution problems, Restore your skin that has been damaged by unclean air, And be free from harmful germs that are potentially present in the air surrounding us?

Introducing CX9.



Continuous research for a next level multifunctional mask that breaks the standard of existing masks for daily use, Advanced technology, And a strong determination to become an eco-friendly corporation.

All of these have combined to create the first Multi-functional Mask.  



CX9 has a large sized filter and top performance that will bring back fresh air. It even offers perfect cooling that dramatically complements the shortcomings of existing masks with a super-lightweight fan. The fan is made of a new material which absorbs heat and promotes easy breathing.

Experience the next level innovation with CX9, which is customizable to your needs.

Take back the life you have lost.



It's Eco-Friendly!


The current worldwide mask usage has risen exponentially to more than 100 million per day and it takes hundreds of years for one mask to be completely biodegraded.

Masks made with compounds weaken immunity and cause the evolution of yet another virus.

Let’s go green by minimizing the environmental pollution with CX9, which reduces filter consumptions with the world’s first automatic filter disinfection system.

CX9 is composed of a self-assembly body and can be disassembled through just 3 steps. You can wash it simply by rinsing it in running water for around 9 seconds.



In addition, the filter replacement allows semi-permanent use, and replacing the filter saves you double the money compared to using general filter masks.

And while using disposable masks currently sold on Amazon is expected to cost around $1,800 per year per person, the price of the CX9 is very economic.


CX9 is the best customizable mask that can be easily changed with insertions of components according to your needs.

Wearing masks in the heat of summer or when exercising is uncomfortable. It is also very safe and cannot make contact with your face. In addition, you can enjoy skin therapy and mask sterilization with the built-in LED lights.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind smart mask that precisely meets your needs, allowing you to use it in a variety of ways anywhere and at any time.


The Revolution, CX9

CX9 is equipped with the filter and function of the highest specifications.

It offers the safest mask the world has ever seen with a special cover of aseptic silicone, the same material that is made for medical equipment purposes.

Moreover, the ergonomically solid 3D design makes for comfortable use even for long hours. CX9 is also under continuous improvement not only on the function, but also for the light and slim wearability along with a modern and trendy design.

With the use of a 4-ply filter, the CX9 filters everything from ultra-fine particles to pollen and bacteria that are easy to miss with disposable masks. Despite the strong filtering function, the exclusively developed cover valve allows smooth breathing by allowing airflow for inhaling and exhaling.



In addition, CX9’s lightweight, slim fit design on top of the high specification filter is optimized to keep ourselves protected from the ever-present germs and viruses in our lives.

Especially, research shows that the number of germ transmission on a plane and at the airport is 23 times bigger than that of the outside. It tells us that we are exposed to the invisible and uncountable germs and viruses.

The slim and lightweight design that is developed to fit on to the face perfectly allows you to wear it for a long time along with the large-sized filter. Thus, it is an advanced mask which you can use in various places like the airport, on the plane, etc. while you’re traveling to help protect yourself from bacteria and viruses.




Furthermore, the mask is made with an exhaust valve that is 13 times faster in emitting the carbon dioxide than average valves that are generally used. This eases unstable breathing during energetic activities such as golfing, riding, and running.


We are the world's first 


CX9 has been successful in creating the world’s first LED-embedded mask.

By utilizing Light Therapy that is harmless to the human body, CX9 helps block the virus infection around the mouth and provides anti-aging properties.


CX9 also utilizes a photo-bio stimulation technique that activates the cells inside the skin, proudly demonstrating its excellent effect on antibacterial and antivirus properties as well as skin care.

CX9 manages bacterial and viral contamination along with foul smells inside the mask. You can enjoy the LED mask in three different options which are daily mode, blocking mode, and beauty mode.





However, there’s more to the LED than just skin care.

The UVC LED automatically and safely sterilizes the filter by 99.99% during charging.

The automatic-filter sterilization system allows you to keep using a clean mask without any worries. The filter of this mask can be used for two times longer compared to that of the existing masks.



We carried out a human panel test based on the CX9 LED light research. The panel members put on the calming essence on their skin and then used CX9 in the Beauty Mode for 20 minutes once every day. We have deduced the following results after going through the evaluation process for around one month.

We have determined that “Using this product once helps the skin stay moisturized for 24 hours. Using the product for 4 weeks helps improves the skin texture, elasticity, density, tone, hydration, moisture barrier, decreases pore size, sebum, and dead skin cells, and provides skin soothing effect. Stopping the use of this product after using it for 4 weeks enhances the effect of keeping the skin moisturized for 72 hours.”



Now, you will be able to breathe in fresh air and live a healthy life without any problems.









CX9: Wear the mask by adjusting the inner skin of silicone to your face to prevent the inflow of external air and then hook the strap on your ear or head for use.

After wearing the mask properly, inhale through the 4-ply fine dust filter on both sides of the mask and exhaust through the exhaust valve at the center of the mask.


LED: When using the LED option, press the button on the bottom of the controller for 2 seconds. This turns on the blue LED light, and the daily mode begins.

When you press the button when the mask is turned on, the LED intensity changes from daily mode -> blocking mode -> beauty mode.

If you wish to turn off the LED earlier, press the controller button for 2 seconds.


During charging, the UVC located on the backside of the LED pad disinfects the filter.

UVC disinfection only operates during the charging phase and does not activate while you wear the mask.



How to assemble

* Filter

After firmly fixing the controller on the center of the external case, fasten by turning the pin and then connect the silicon cover to the joint part on the external case.

Grab the front part of the mask and connect the filter cap by adjusting it to the form of the protruding part on the inner side of the external case. Then hang the ear hook or strap on the deco part on both sides and adjust the length for use.



The diameter of the replaceable mask filter is 45π and inner surface doesn't have any pattern and feels rough. The outer surface has a mosaic pattern and feels smooth.

The Filter can be replaced in the direction as shown below.




After firmly fixing the controller on the center of the external case, fasten it by turning the pin. Then connect the silicone cover to the joint part of the external case.

Grab the front part of the mask and connect the filter cap by adjusting to the form of the protruding part on the inner side of the external case.

Insert the center part of the LED pad around the connecting part of the controller and put the edge part inside the cover. Then, put the ear hook or strap on the deco part on both sides and adjust the length for use.



How to wash


Clean the controller with wet wipes or a moistened cloth, but make sure it does not come in direct contact with water.

The outer area of the mask should be cleansed with wet wipes or a moistened cloth or lightly washed in running water with a neutral detergent.

Be careful not to allow water to come into direct contact with the sock part of the LED pads and the terminals of the fan.

Do not use any chemicals such as alcohol, benzene, or acetone.


How to sterilize and charge


* How to sterilize

Use USB charging port to charge your CX9.

When charging, UV sterilization automatically begins and proceeds for 5 minutes. (Only activates while the controller is connected)


* How to charge

Insert the provided USB cable to the charging port on the bottom of the controller module.

The red LED light flickers when it requires charging. When charging begins, the red LED lights up.

When fully charged, the white LED lights up.



Details on how to use LED 


There are three different types of modes.

Daily mode is a combination of RED+NIR and functions for 30 minutes in moderate intensity.

Blocking mode is a combination of RED+NIR and functions for 90 minutes in low intensity.

Beauty Mode is a combination of RED+NIR and functions for 7 minutes in high intensity. Then it functions for 1 minute in moderate intensity with a combination of RED+BLUE. Afterwards, it functions for another 1 minute in low intensity of BLUE light. Finally, it turns off after functioning for a total of 9 minutes.




How the filter works

The outer skin is composed of an ABS injection mold and the inner skin is composed of silicone to block the external air. You will breathe in the external air only through the 4-ply filter.



How the LED works

The LED light is absorbed by Cytochrome C oxidase enzyme inside the mitochondria of cells under the skin to produce more ATP. control active oxygen, and reduce the self-destruction of cells.

Moreover, the skin condition improves by stimulating the production of blood vessels and inducing the increase of blood flow and transcription factors. and sets off antibacterial phase through photo-inhibitory action.


The three modes of LED lights work with the following principles:

Daily mode and Blocking mode use red and Near-infrared (NiR) wavelengths to protect the skin from harmful bacteria in the skin, activate macrophage to quickly improve the inflamed area of the damaged skin, and to induce the secretion of cytokine, an inflammation control agent, to manage inflammation.

Beauty mode uses red & NIR to activate fibroblast and increase collagen production, which improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles by filling in the caved-in skin in the long-term, and softens the skin surface.

Using the pink wavelength quickly calms the inflamed area and alleviates skin troubles.

Using the blue wavelength activates keratinocyte and normalizes the turnover cycle of dead cells, strengthening the skin barrier and making healthy skin.



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