Meet the patented LED technology - Innovative Skin Recovery Treatment at Home

Nowadays, the weather is getting hotter, and people worry about their skin health as the summer begins.


The sales for UV protect skin care sunblocks are sharply increasing, and the attention for beauty device to calm their skin down is also increasing.


Among the “At Home” beauty device industry, the Cellreturn proved the effectiveness of the product by introducing the most clinical outcomes in the market. By using the Cellreturn platinum mask, the test showed 22% of the subjects experienced skin soothing effect, 55.52% of them experienced reducing sebum, 76.72% experienced reduced corneous, 13.97% experienced increasing skin moisturizing.


Cellreturn who launched “Platinum Mask” is a brand leader in LED mask market. They not only established one stop system from R&D to customer service but also introduced the test equipment for the first time in this industry to test the quality of LEDs to ensure the effectiveness of the product.


Just like the slogan “Meet the LED mask more than you expected”, the Cellreturn’s “Platinum Mask” is getting attention by introducing differentiated technology in this industry. Also, it is a product that uses the most advanced technology and know-how and it is using 1026 number of LEDs which is the key factor of LED mask.


In addition, it is a only LED mask that uses two open and closed covers which improves the convenience of the product. And to grab the attention of younger generation, Cellreturn added the mobile application feature to check the skin status, using time and smart care by connecting the product with the smartphones.