Laser Hair Growth Device: Benefits, Safety, & Best Product

If you want to reduce the signs of hair thinning, hair loss, and scalp conditions, a laser hair growth device like CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium may be for you. It harnesses low level laser therapy to promote hair regrowth, especially for people with androgenetic alopecia. A device for scalp and hair regrowth treatment is designed for at-home use, or is used in a hair treatment service in a clinic.

Not only does it offer quick treatment, but also it’s quite convenient, so your weekly schedule won’t get disrupted. What’s the best part? You can Netflix and Chill at home while you’re wearing the laser cap and doing the treatment.


Devices that offer laser hair therapy like CELLRETURN use effective medical-grade LEDs to improve the conditions of your scalp and hair follicles. The low level laser light is similar to water that is used to nourish plants. Like how plants absorb water and nutrients, the light energy from laser hair growth devices is absorbed by your hair follicles. This results in the hair continuing to grow and the scalp improving its condition.


Once more light gets absorbed, microcirculation in the head increases, hence, promoting an increase in blood supply and nutrients to the hair follicles. Low level laser light also boosts hair follicles’ cellular activity, helping in hair regrowth and diminishing hair loss.

The low-level laser therapy in LED devices like CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium are also known as blue light or red light therapy that irradiates photons into scalp tissues. These photons are absorbed by cells to improve scalp conditions and encourage hair growth.



Laser Hair Therapy Benefits:

According to clinical studies, laser helmets and LED devices like CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium provide benefits, although individual results may vary.

  • Promote hair growth
  • Improve scalp conditions
  • Prevent further hair loss
  • Improve hair fullness, strength, and density
  • Painless and non-invasive procedure
  • No side effects
  • Can be used by men and women, regardless of hair length
  • Manageable daily time commitment



Laser hair growth devices are known for their safety, non-invasiveness, and tolerability, making them more convenient than hair transplant surgery.

While long-term effectiveness and safety have not yet been established, laser caps and LED devices are categorised by the FDA as medical devices, so they are not overly scrutinised and tested, unlike medicines that undergo rigorous testing and approval.

Some laser hair therapy devices may interact with certain medications, like those that are photosensitizing. It is a chemical reaction that increases a person’s sensitivity to light.



Best Product For Hair Growth

Looking for the best product for hair growth and scalp? The CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium is an anti-hair loss laser cap and LED device that delivers safe, low level laser light to your hair follicles and scalp. In just a few minutes a day, you can stimulate and strengthen the cells in your hair follicles to encourage new growth.


The CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium offers a convenient and comfortable solution to thinning hair and hair loss. It comes with a lightweight carrying case that makes traveling and storing stress-free. The wireless charging cradle can easily fit into your bag, allowing you to move freely while wearing the cap.

Now that you know the benefits of laser hair growth devices like CELLRETURN, consider getting one now!  While there are pros and cons, like any other treatment, it’s still highly encouraged that you consult a specialist or a doctor if you see some drastic changes in terms of hair loss.