CELLRETURN, the LED mask-specialized business, has chosen actor Lee Min-ho to be its brand model

  • The LED mask brand CELLRETURN has chosen actor Lee Min-ho as one of its brand models, planed to take the brand into the international market
  • CELLRETURN plans to fortify their brand's recognition in the global LED mask market and even cater to men interested in beauty products

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Lee Min-ho has been selected as the brand model of the global beauty and healthcare-specialized brand, CELLRETURN (CEO Kim Il-soo).


CELLRETURN announced that actor Lee Min-ho, a Global star with a strong global fanbase, was chosen as its brand model to expand the LED mask brand's recognition not only in domestic markets but also in international markets, and to strengthen their position among men who actively invest in taking care of their looks.

Lee Min-ho plans to return to TV during the first half of 2020 through the drama show, "The King: Eternal Monarch." He is loved by domestic and international fans for trying out different characters and showing off his wide acting spectrum. Also, Lee Min-ho is an unrivalled global star, as he was chosen as the Korean actor most favored in all over Asia areas, according to the "2019 Global Hallyu Report" conducted by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange.

A TV commercial with CELLRETURN's brand models, actress Kang So-ra, actor Park Seo-joon, and the new brand model Lee Min-ho was aired starting on the 20th. This commercial is gaining a lot of attention as it is Lee Min-ho's first commercial in 2020.

An official from CELLRETURN said, "Lee Min-ho's clean and sophisticated image worked well with CELLRETURN's premium image…Please get excited for CELLRETURN in 2020 with Lee Min-ho."

After its foundation in 2008, CELLRETURN has specialized in conducting research on LED light. It is an LED mask-specialized business with a strong technological foundation and high-quality products that also conducts R&D, planning, manufacturing, and repairs all on its own. On top of that, CELLRETURN is the only company in Korea to incorporate LED analysis equipment to measure the effectiveness of LED wavelengths, the module package, the penetration rate against product materials, and more. Based on this technology, the company has revealed the "LED mask" (a skincare device), the "Neckle RAY" (a neck skin care device), and the "Hair Alpha-Ray" (a scalp and hair care device).