CELLRETURN, These K-Drama Stars Love This LED Homecare Beauty Device (Metro.Style)

CELLRETURN, These K-Drama Stars Love This LED Homecare Beauty Device (Metro.Style)

五月 14, 2020

It's no secret that we're obsessed with how perfect all these Korean stars' skin looks! Their porcelain-like skin that started the #GlassSkin trend is renowned all over the world for a reason. Known as the beauty capital of the world, Seoul, Korea is home to all the K-Beauty brands that promise us enviable, youthful skin. 


Serums, creams, sheet masks—these are regular staples in a typical Korean beauty routine. But did you know that these celebrities also turn to high-tech gadgets and devices to help them maintain their stellar looks? Case in point: the otherworldly CellReturn Platinum! K-Drama heavyweights like Lee Min-Ho and Park Seo-Joon are just some of its fans!


This techie helmet-looking device is a LED home care beauty device that is able to address the entire face's concerns: the nose for sebum (oil) control, and the cheeks, ear, and neck for wrinkle prevention. Unlike other LED devices, this all-in-one device allows you to save time at the comforts of your own home as you address multiple concerns.


It contains 1,026 LED lights that are meant to return a youthful balance onto one's skin. Firmness, brightness, and an overall youthful look is what's guaranteed with consistent use. No wonder these K-Drama stars love it!


The beauty device even made a cameo in Lee Min-Ho and Kim Go-eun's newest K-Drama 'The King Eternal Monarch', wherein its Prime Minister played by the beautiful Jung Eun-Chae relies on a beauty routine that includes this must-have gadget.



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